Who we are?

We’re a group of passionate young people – wedding photographers, cinematographers, designers & editors working together to create beautiful masterpieces. We all work with dedication to set new benchmark for our selves, every single day. We love our work. We actually love weddings and enjoy each new assignment, as we get it.

How we Started?

Picture Perfect, founded by two brothers (Jatin & Rohit Rohira) in the year 2000, had a very modest beginning, covering weddings in and around Bombay (now, Mumbai). Very soon we realized that we had a cut above our competitors… simply because we were far more creative & strongly believed in high quality of work.

How we got here?

Then began the exciting new era of destination weddings. Back in 2005, we actually stumbled upon a wedding assignment. It was a destination wedding in Thailand which we must admit, we got purely by chance. This project changed our lives. Since then, there has been no looking back for us. We have done above 150 destination weddings in the last 6 years alone. Our passion for what we do has taken us to exotic places worldwide. Thailand, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Indonesia, Philippines, Mauritius & Hong Kong are just a few of them. When we say “Picture Perfect specializes in documenting Destination Weddings” – it’s definitely not an over statement.

Why us?

It’s not about us, is it? Picture Perfect is really about YOU! You've waited your whole life for this day, so why not capture it for a lifetime. We have an easy going and fun-loving group of photographers & cinematographers with the flare for seeing the fun and excitement in your wedding. Accepting a limited number of Picture Perfect weddings each year, we bring that special attention to your day, and provide beautifully crafted photography & cinematography.

What we use?

“It’s the person behind the camera who makes the difference. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart.” - Arnold Newman. Having mentioned the above quote doesn't mean we can get away using the same camera we were using 5 years back. Having a talented eye & an artistic vision is important. But, it is equally important to use a good photography gear. Our love for highest level of technology and ever growing urge to acquire the best equipments reflects in all the high resolution DSLRs, high end lenses, Mac pro’s, underwater gears and lots more that we posses.

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