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Danny & Divya | Same Day Edit | Jakarta, Indonesia | February 2018

How Deep Is Your Love | Wedding Music Video | Raj & Roshini

The one thing among many which is common between Raj & Roshini is their love for music. "How deep is your love" is one of their recent favorite song. They decided to do a music video for their reception entrance. The video was shot for around 6-7 hours & edited online just a day before their start of events. Everybody at the reception just loved this video. Enjoy!

Vishal & Leena | The Wedding Glimpses | Bali, Indonesia | March 2015

'LV Story' is a story about Love. It's a tale of this amazing couple who first met at a casual date in London. Soon, they fell in love and realized they were made for each-other and that a life together would be beautiful. They celebrated their union at the beautiful Ayana resort & spa in Bali, Indonesia.

"Better Together" - A cute little concept video of Shawn & Sherina

Like any other couple, Shawn & Sherina have their quirks and don't always share the same interest. Yet, they fell in love.

Watch Shawn & Sherina's cute little concept video that we shot & edited on location.

Dheeraj & Chandni | Same Day Edit | Jakarta, Indonesia | June 2015

Our gorgeous bride Chandni is the craziest fan of Bollywood Heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan. She always wanted someone who makes her feel like... she’s in a set of a movie, like... any time now she’s gonna run to that person on a train and it’s just gonna click and everyone will start clapping. Well, everyone did start clapping when her Shah Rukh Khan, her Raj, her Rahul, her “Dheeraj” swept her off her feet at their wedding.

Dheeraj & Chandni – a super duper cute & fun couple from Jakarta tied the knot in their home town this June. We feel honored to be a part of this amazing union.

Rohith & Sanam | The Wedding Glimpses | Abu Dhabi, UAE | August, 2014

Who would have thought a girl from the hustle & bustle life of the concrete jungle of Asia would be destined to a boy from the sea, sun and sand of the Caribbean. Even though both their college certificates say, “Bentley University” on them, their paths never crossed until much later.

Rohith met Sanam in her hometown, Hong Kong in August 2012. He popped the big question to her when she visited his hometown - St. Maarten, later that year. They finally tied the knot in August 2014 in the most amazing and beautiful hotel in Abu Dhabi – The Ritz Carlton.

Anil & Sanam | Bali, Indonesia | February 2015 | Same Day Edit

It is said that “There is no better bond in this world than that of Father-Daughter relationship”. Although, weddings are happy occasions, there are some moments which are the most difficult for every father & daughter. These moments have been beautifully captured by our cinematography crew at the wedding of Sanam with Anil.

Sanam & Anil celebrated their Valentine’s Day wedding at the beautiful Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort. This was one of the most fun and energetic weddings we have been to in the recent times. Anil & Sanam make an amazing pair and the love & respect both families share with each other was so very evident.

To Sanam & Anil... We wish you an eternity of love, laughter & happiness. ~Picture Perfect India team.

Vinay & Sabita | Bali, Indonesia | July 2014 | Wedding Glimpses

Picture Perfect India proudly presents "I choose you", a very emotional & touching wedding glimpses of Vinay & Sabita.

Kunal & Jyotica | Jakarta, Indonesia | December 2014 | Same Day Edit

Picture Perfect India in association with Innaz Communique presents Kunal & Jyotica's wedding celebrations.

Team Picture Perfect India is back from Jakarta after finishing its last wedding assignment for 2014 & this wedding was truly one of the biggest weddings for the year 2014.

For many Kunal & Jyotica met recently, but for these lovebirds, their very first meeting seemed like they knew each other for a lifetime. And six months later they got married.

Kunal from Jakarta, Indonesia & Jyotica from Calcutta, India didn't even have even the slightest clue that the other existed until one day... when Kunal attended his best friend's wedding in Krabi, Thailand. This is where a few aunties decide to play matchmaker. They visualised Jyotica & Kunal to be a perfect match for each other. Things progressed from there on & Kunal and Jyotica started talking on Whatsapp. One month later Jyotica visited Jakarta to meet Kunal and from the minute they met, both knew there was some connection & very strong chemistry between them. Fast forward a few months and preparation for the wedding started in a big way. The families only had three months to prepare for the festivities.

"KHUDA JAANE" - The Wedding Music Video of Bhavesh & Milan

Bhavesh & Milan approached us to document their wedding in Singapore, but unfortunately, like it always happens we had already taken up another wedding during the same dates. Now, that we were unavailable to shoot their wedding, Bhavesh & Milan were pretty sure in their minds to engage us for their Wedding music video that they wanted to do. When we met in our studio in mumbai Bhavesh & Milan were very clear on what they wanted. He said "It has to be Khuda Jaane". They wanted something different to entertain and wow their guests.

After scouting numerous locations, we freezed to shoot at the beautiful Angsana Lagoona Resort and Spa, Phuket, Thailand. This video was showcased during their wedding reception.

Soon after the Wedding we had a chat with Bhavesh & he said "you made us stars". We are so glad to be a part of this amazing video. Hope you enjoy it!

"LOVE STRUCK" ~ A Wedding Concept Video of Sunil & Anjali

Sunil, a smart, intelligent & handsome guy from Hong Kong met the girl of his dreams Anjali, also from Hong Kong at a friend's wedding in Phuket. In true Bollywood fashion, it was Love at first sight. After almost two years of dating they finally got married in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2014.

We want to sincerely thank our lovely couple for the amount of time, effort & support we have received from them to put this video together. Anjali, thank you for being the amazing bride you've been... friendly, kind, down to earth and full of ideas. Sunil, thank you, for this wouldn't have been possible without your limitless patience. You are a great guy!

This concept has been the most difficult to shoot for a same day edit. To have the arrows hooked to them at every location was one huge task. We had dozens of eyes staring at Anjali & Sunil (struck with arrows) at every location we went. With the kind of ease you guys got this through, hats off!

Lakshman & Mandira | Goa, India | June, 2014 | Same Day Edit

Both, Lakshman & Mandira lived in London. Lakshman first saw Mandira when he locked into her beautiful eyes in a staring competition. For Lakshman, it was love at first sight. But, Mandira wasn't ready then. It was only when Lakshman moved to Freetown to join the family business, did Mandira realize, how much Lakshman meant to her. They've been together for nearly eight years before finally tying the knot at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Goa on 25th June, 2014.

The wedding festivities have been nothing less that a fairy-tale by itself. Each function had a different and most unique theme. We couldn't have asked for anything better; the celebrations.. GRAND, the couple.. CUTE, the families.. HUMBLE, the destination.. AMAZING, the weather.. PERFECT. We loved it all!

Sunny Sunny - The Wedding Parody Music Video Of Jenny & Kailash

This wedding was one big party, the moment we arrived at hotel JW Marriott in Phuket. This wedding parody music video wouldn't have been possible without the support and extraordinary efforts from the bride & groom, their families, friends and all the guests present at the wedding. We thank you all for being part of this madness. To Jenny & Kailash... may your married life be one big party by itself. We love you guys. ~Team Picture Perfect India

How I Met Your Mother | with Chandru & Romana | Season 01 - Episode 01

This is a story of how Chandru from Guam met the beautiful Romana from Australia. They finally tied the knot in June 2013 at the beautiful Sheraton Hua Hin in Thailand. We shot this video in Sheraton Hua Hin a couple of days prior to the start of the festivities. Chandru and Romana are fun loving people with a great sense of humor. We had loads of fun making this video. Hope you guys enjoy watching it.

Deepak & Priyanka | Bangkok, Thailand | March 2013 | Reception Concept Video

This video was shot a day prior to Deepak & Priyanka's wedding celebrations & was showcased to the 450 guests at their reception in Bangkok. Deepak & Priyanka we really enjoyed being a part of your fantastic wedding. Enjoy the video. Cheers!!!

Manoj & Gayatri | Langkawi, Malaysia | March 2013 | Wedding Glimpses

This is the second wedding we covered in the beautiful Westin Langkawi, Malaysia. If one is looking for a perfect beach wedding, the Westin Langkawi offers an unmatched panoramic view of the mountains, ocean & the sunset. This is one destination, our team would love to visit over and over again.

Amit & Farishta | Manila, Philippines | February 2013 | Sangeet Concept Video

What an amazing couple Amit & Farishta. We remember the day when Amit came to see us in Mumbai and asked for a fresh concept video idea. We had this idea of a band song for some time now & he immediately agreed to it. He hired the club, music equipments, requested farista's friends to join him. Unfortunately we had the club to shoot only for 2 hours. We did our best for the time we had. Starting from setting up the lights, band, helping Amit & Farishta memorizing lyrics, shooting. Finally here is what we have for you "TUJHPE FIDA" Amit & Farishta you are fantastic people & our our team cant forget the fun times we have had together. Enjoy the video. Cheers!!!

Rahul & Shveta | Krabi, Thailand | January 2013 | Reception Concept Video

Rahul & Shveta, both from New York are probably the most simple, easy going and fun to be with couple we have worked for. We clicked as soon as we met and we have been good friends ever since. Speaking about the concept video... this is one concept video where there was no pre planning, no scripting, no exchange of ideas on email, no nothing .... When our team reached the Sofitel in Krabi, we were greeted by Rahul & shveta with lot of warmth, hugs and a BIG surprise... "We wanna do a concept video". The brain storming started immediately. Rahul & Shveta came up with this concept for the video. It was now time for the cameras to start rolling. Also, started to roll was unlimited fun and excitement. Our team worked tirelessly through the day and finally when it was time to pack up we were well into wee hours of morning. The video was ready with unlimited hours of editing in our hotel room on a mac book pro and was projected on the reception night. We thoroughly enjoyed making this video and we are sure you will enjoy watching it.. It's CUTE!

Rahul & Meeti | Phuket, Thailand | November 2012 | Wedding Glimpses

Rahul & Meeti tied the knot on 24th November 2012 at the Angsana resort Phuket, Thailand. The grand wedding affair was celebrated for 4 days with artists like Adnan Sami, Mikka Singh & Imran Khan. Rahul & Meeti are one of the most gorgeous couples we shot this season. Apart from their family & friends there were also the rain gods that showered the blessings on this couple. We wish Rahul & Meeti a great life together.

Rahul & Meeti | Phuket, Thailand | November 2012 | Reception Concept Video

Fate brought Rahul & Meeti together in New York City on May 2010. Although they have different stories of how that first night went, their story of where they want to go from here are one and the same. We shot this video a day before their wedding festivities started. This video was projected on their reception. Take a peek at their stories, and you can be the judge of what really happened. Enjoy the video.

Dinesh & Avisha | Bangkok, Thailand | February 2012 | Same Day Edit

Picture Perfect team just loved working on this concept video. Dinesh & Avisha make a great pair. They tied the knot on 10th February 2012, at Plaza Athenee, Bangkok. We appreciate their support for scripting, acting & enthusiasm towards making such a great video. Just loveeeeeeed the getting old scenes. Enjoy the video. Cheers!!!

Rahul's Janya | Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India | January 2012 | Glimpses

Our team has been around the globe covering all kind of event, but we never knew that the very India we live in is so beautiful. Never thought... we would shoot a Hindu Janya Ceremony in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Rishikesh known as The Gateway to the Himalayas is one of the most holy places in India. The land, the people, the faith, the holy ganga, the temples, the spirituality, the mountains - all have been a amazing experience. "Never seen a Janya ceremony like this" is what most guest said & we truly agree to it. Thanks to Jai Maharaji & Mona didi for making us a part this auspicious journey. We are blessed.

Lavin & Roma | Pune, India | December 2011 | "JAB WE MET" Concept Video

Lavin & Roma's wedding took place at The Educational Capital of India - Pune City - December 2011. This video reflects a part of their loves journey. Though geographically they were far apart - in their imaginations they were always with each other. Picture Perfect loves & salutes the couple & their families for their support in making this video.

Manju & Rajiv | Khao Lak, Thailand Wedding | November 2011 | Same Day Edit

Manju from Guam met Rajiv from London on Facebook. Six months later they tied the knot in the heavenly Le Meridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort, Thailand. Some may call it chance..... but in this case, pure destiny. This video presentation is the real story of this beautiful couple and was projected during their wedding reception on 7th November, 2011. When our team met Rajiv & manju 2 days prior to the start of the festivities, little did we know that they would be so keen & enthusiastic to do this video. During the shoot we realized that this couple was extra ordinarily sweet & down to earth. They extended their full support - may it be - scripting, brilliant ideas, dedicating time etc. etc. We enjoyed every every bit of working with them. Rajiv & Manju - wishing the two of you the very best in life - Picture Perfect Team.....

Karan & Ishna | Phuket, Thailand | August 2011 | Reception Presentation

Karan & Ishna a young & probably the coolest couple we ever met. They tied the knot at the JW Mattiott in Phuket, Thailand on the 12th of August 2011. What we loved about the couple was that both very family oriented. During all the days of festivities one could feel the best of tradition and modernity. This video was shown for their reception. The outdoor shoot of the couple was done just for 3 hours - 2 days prior to the start of festivities. The guest at the reception really enjoyed the video & was highly appreciated. Hope you enjoy it too...

Neeraj & Jashna | Cebu, Philippines | July 2011 | Wedding Glimpses

Neeraj Jashna - Amazing Couple, loving, caring and always smiling. They tied the knot this July at the beautiful Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu, philippines. We had a great time working with them, they were always very warm & supportive. Jashna's beautiful smile always lit up the atmosphere. Wish you both the very best in life.

Deepak & Resham | Bali, Indonesia | June 2011 | Same Day Edit

Resham & Deepak a very sweet couple. We enjoyed making this video to show during their Reception we hope you will enjoy watching.

Vishal & Mansha | Penang, Malaysia | March 2011 | Same Day Edit

Mansha & Vishal tied the knot in Penang, Malaysia. "Our Love Story" as their Reception Presentation was their own concept. We shot 2 day prior to their start of events & put together this masterpiece editing overnight. Worst to happen to us during this assignment was our editor to do the same day edit fell seriously sick & was sent back to India. We knew we couldn't put the video together without an replacement editor, as things had to be accomplished over night & there was very little time. We flew our in-house office editor in the nick of time to complete the edit. So thanks to Disha Rohira for this edit. This video crossed maximum number of hits then any of our videos on you-tube. More than 21,000 hits. We think everyone will agree that this couple has remarkable acting skill. Mansha worked very hard in coming up with the idea/concept and planned all the scenes, music etc...

Jay & Shrradha | Bangkok, Thailand | March 2011 | Same Day Edit

Jay & Shrradha - a very sweet, simple, genuinely kind & down to earth couple. A made for each other pair. Our team was very moved by affectionate & gentle nature of both families. This wedding trailer was showed during their reception. Guys wait for the full dvd version - you are sure to enjoy JAYs moves. As you know he is Sallu's biggest fan (Salman Khan) & we have captured all his moves. Till then enjoy & cheers!!!

Anand & Avisha | Hua Hin, Thailand | Jan 2011 | Reception Concept Video

OMG - Our first music video shot on Canon 5D Mark II. The couple was very sporty to believe in what we asked them to do & the music video turned out to be amazing. The video was released during their reception in Hua Hin Thailand on the 30th Jan 2011. It took us 6 hours to shoot the music video & of course sleepless nights to edit. Hope you guys enjoy. CHEERS!!!

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