Timeless Love | The Wedding Concept Video | Varun & Jyotsna | Dubai, UAE

Wedding Concept Films are not too common in Indian weddings. However, at Picture Perfect India, this is something which we love from the core of our hearts.

Lot of you may wonder as to what is a Wedding Concept Film. It is basically the to-be-married couple's very own short movie. Here they are the Shahrukh Khan's, the Priyanka Chopra's, the Tom Cruise's or the Leonardo Dicaprio's of their own film.

It's very challenging and at the same time a lot of fun to get these couples to act it their film. Mind it, they are not trained professional actors and thus deserve a lot of appreciation and love to do so.

Here's presenting to you ' Timeless Love' ~ The Wedding Concept film of Varun & Jyotsna who recently got married in the beautiful island of Bali.

Danny & Divya | Same Day Edit | Jakarta, Indonesia

Same Day Edit Video of Danny & Divya's Big Fat Indian Wedding in Jakarta

Love At First Ride | The Wedding Concept Video | Prateek & Jharna | Hyderabad, India

When a pre-wedding shoot comes with a different theme and super fun ideas that no one else has done before – it gets us all perked up! Prateek & Jharna were pretty sure that they wanted to do something different for their pre-wed. Running around the trees with cheesy Bollywood songs is not something that gets them exited (not that we get excited with such stuff either). After brainstorming several ideas, we freezed on doing a concept wedding film (their very own short film where they are the stars along with their families & friends) to be shown for their Sangeet night.

We flew to Hyderabad to shoot for three consecutive nights (yes, there are no day shots in the film). The participation from all the stars of the film (couple and their family & friends) was beyond imagination. Yes, there were lot of challenges while we were filming – rains, cops chasing us, managing unruly crowd, etc. etc. However, in the end, with so much of drama, fun, excitement & creativity, this was an experience which will stay in our hearts for a long long time.

Note: None of the characters in the film are trained professional actors, so they deserve lot of love, likes & appreciation for the wonderful act they’ve put together.

Prateek & Jharna | Same Day Edit | Jaipur, India

Jharna had a picture of her ‘Mr. Right’ in her mind. When she met Prateek, she realized that her picture of ‘Mr Right’ was completely wrong and Prateek was the perfect guy her. ♡♡♡

Serendipity | The Wedding Trailer | Yash & Monica | Jaipur, India

After almost 6 years of dating, when Yash & Monica were looking around for their dream destination to host their fairy tale wedding, Jaipur immediately caught their attention and both of them fell in love with this royal city. They celebrated their union with a touch of Rajasthani heritage and culture at Jai Mahal Palace. It has been an honor for us to be a part of this royal celebration!

The Art of Love | The Concept Wedding Video | Kunal & Bindiya | Jakarta, Indonesia

Concept wedding films is something which always excites us. ‘The Art of Love’ is a short love story of two beautiful people. Kunal is a dance choreographer, whereas Bindiya loves sketching. When they approached us to make a love story concept film for their wedding, we were uber excited! Neither of them are trained professional actors, but after watching the film, one would definitely agree that they have done a fabulous job.

How Deep Is Your Love | The Wedding Music Video | Raj & Roshini | Abu Dhabi

The one thing among many which is common between Raj & Roshini is their love for music. "How deep is your love" is one of their recent favourite song. They decided to do a music video for their reception entrance. The video was shot for around 6-7 hours & edited online just a day before their start of events. Everybody at the reception just loved this video. Enjoy!

Pie Face Challenge - Wedding Edition | Bangkok, Thailand

So, before Jeetu & Lavina tied the knot, they decided to take up the pie face challenge to see how well they know each other. Check out the video to know who got splatted the most and who amongst them knows the other one better.

Raman & Sajinee | Same Day Edit | Hua Hin, Thailand

Raman & Sajinee are both from Bangkok but they never knew of each other until Raman spotted Sajinee in a few Indian parties and fell for her. He started messaging and calling her non-stop from morning… to evening… to night. His persistence ultimately paid off… they met and it just clicked, and it clicked so fast that a year and a half later here we all were, celebrating the big fat Indian wedding of this amazingly sweet couple.

Love me DO | The Wedding Trailer | Owen & Daisy | Hua Hin, Thailand

Owen & Daisy grew up in two different continents. They happened to be together in a third continent and that changed their lives forever. Surrounded by close-knit friends & family, they celebrated their union with an intimate beach wedding in Sofitel Hua Hin, Thailand.

Love Arranged | The Wedding Glimpses | Ankit & Kishori | Daman, India

Ankit & Kishori met through an arrange marriage process. Three months later they tied the knot at a beautiful resort in Daman, India. With so much love in their eyes, watching them at their celebrations felt like they had known each other since ages. This big fat Indian Marwari wedding was absolutely magical and we feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

Dheeraj & Chandni | Same Day Edit | Jakarta, Indonesia

Our gorgeous bride Chandni is the craziest fan of Bollywood Heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan. She always wanted someone who makes her feel like... she’s in a set of a movie, like... any time now she’s gonna run to that person on a train and it’s just gonna click and everyone will start clapping. Well, everyone did start clapping when her Shah Rukh Khan, her Raj, her Rahul, her “Dheeraj” swept her off her feet at their wedding.

Leena & Vishal | The Wedding Glimpses | Bali, Indonesia

'LV Story' is a story about Love. It's a tale of this amazing couple who first met at a casual date in London. Soon, they fell in love and realised they were made for each-other and that a life together would be beautiful. They celebrated their union at the beautiful Ayana resort & spa in Bali, Indonesia.

Better Together | The Wedding Concept Video | Shawn & Sherina

Like any other couple, Shawn & Sherina have their quirks and don't always share the same interest. Yet, they fell in love. Watch Shawn & Sherina's cute little concept video that we shot & edited on location.

Khuda Jaane | The Wedding Music Video | Bhavesh & Milan | Phuket, Thiland

Bhavesh & Milan approached us to document their wedding in Singapore, but unfortunately, like it always happens we had already taken up another wedding during the same dates. Now, that we were unavailable to shoot their wedding, Bhavesh & Milan were pretty sure in their minds to engage us for their Wedding music video that they wanted to do. When we met in our studio in mumbai Bhavesh & Milan were very clear on what they wanted. He said "It has to be Khuda Jaane". They wanted something different to entertain and wow their guests.

After scouting numerous locations, we freezed to shoot at the beautiful Angsana Lagoona Resort and Spa, Phuket, Thailand. This video was showcased during their wedding reception.

Soon after the Wedding we had a chat with Bhavesh & he said "you made us stars". We are so glad to be a part of this amazing video. Hope you enjoy it!

Love Struck | The Wedding Concept Video | Sunil & Anjali | Pattaya, Thailand

Sunil, a smart, intelligent & handsome guy from Hong Kong met the girl of his dreams Anjali, also from Hong Kong at a friend's wedding in Phuket. In true Bollywood fashion, it was Love at first sight. After almost two years of dating they finally got married in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2014.

We want to sincerely thank our lovely couple for the amount of time, effort & support we have received from them to put this video together. Anjali, thank you for being the amazing bride you've been... friendly, kind, down to earth and full of ideas. Sunil, thank you, for this wouldn't have been possible without your limitless patience. You are a great guy!

This concept has been the most difficult to shoot for a same day edit. To have the arrows hooked to them at every location was one huge task. We had dozens of eyes staring at Anjali & Sunil (struck with arrows) at every location we went. With the kind of ease you guys got this through, hats off!

How I Met Your Mother | with Chandru & Romana | Season 01 - Episode 01

This is a story of how Chandru from Guam met the beautiful Romana from Australia. They finally tied the knot in June 2013 at the beautiful Sheraton Hua Hin in Thailand. We shot this video in Sheraton Hua Hin a couple of days prior to the start of the festivities. Chandru and Romana are fun loving people with a great sense of humor. We had loads of fun making this video. Hope you guys enjoy watching it.

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